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"The days are long, but the years are short."


What is NillyDahlia all about?

Nilly is a British Bengali Muslim Mother. She started her platform 'NillyDahlia' when she was tired of the Western society and media tarnishing the reputation of all Muslims with the same brush. She wanted society to see Muslim families as any other family in the West. With the same sleepless nights, the same teething woes and the same BLW splatters across the dining table.


She wanted society to see that all mothers, regardless of faith and headscarf, are all on the same tough journey called motherhood.

She was interviewed on Good Morning Britain when her 'hijab challenge' was picked up all over the globe, including being featured in The New York Times (WITW Segment) and Global News, Canada. She has been a featured guest on the 'Nexus' Show for TRT World. And, she is often a guest speaker for BBC Asian Network Radio.

She shows the honest and raw side of parenting, which has led to an engaged audience, and working on multiple campaigns with brands (including, Ella's Kitchen, Nick Jr., Disney Channel, Next and Boots).

She has most recently been declared the fourth top Mum Influencer to follow on 'The Mum List 2019'.

Please join Nilly on her journey in motherhood, Islam, Western lifestyle and family.

If you want to get in touch, please email Nilly:


1. What are your ethnicities?

I am British Bengali and my husband is half English and half Turkish, which makes my children half Bengali, quarter English and a quarter Turkish. You can watch a video about this here.

2. Is your husband a revert?

No, he isn't. His father is Muslim. 

3. Why do you not show your kids faces?

We do, but not face-on. Simply for their privacy and the fact they have not consented to us showing their faces online.

4. Were your family okay with Ali?

There was definitely a split view in my family. We discuss it here

5. Would you like more children?

Whatever Allah (swt) plans for us is the best decision, but we would love to have more. 

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