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Goodbye 2015

Goodbye 2015,

You will be missed. This year has been incredible to myself and my little family. We got our first family home this year which we have enjoyed building together for Mini Mango. We have been blessed to see him everyday developing a beautiful personality (Ali says he has mine - finally something of mine considering he is a Mini Ali, completely). We celebrated his First Birthday this year and it was such a wonderful time spent with close friends and family.

This year I was able to let my guard down since 2013 and make friends. I am much more selective when choosing friends as nowadays people do not know the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. I used to offer my friendship to anyone. Now, it’s different. I am friendly to all but few are friends as I have learnt the value of time. Time once spent cannot be regained. I value my time and I most certainly value myself. Friendship is now reserved for those who value my time and heart as I do theirs. As, quality always trumps quantity. And, nothing protects the heart like patience. Because, the reality is, I could be an amazing, genuine and sincere person but I will be overlooked. People nowadays don’t want someone real anymore, they just want someone to complain to. This has made me stronger and I respect people who have left me because maybe my love wasn’t for you and I am at peace with that. Just remember if you are a friend of mine, I will never judge you and I will support you, even if I don’t support your situation.

However, my lovely new friends that I have made this year, you are truly valued and I appreciate and love you, so much. My lovely old friends that have stuck by me through the storm and into the sunshine, do not think I have forgotten you. You guys are the rocks and I love you for loving me through my lowest. And, to a certain friend who I lost, but have regained this year, I love you and cannot wait to make memories with you in 2016. All of you guys are my 'home team' as I know you are the people who will cry when I cry, middle-of-the-night, no-matter-what kind of people.

My goals for 2016 is to continue loving myself, leaving the self-doubt behind and appreciating the time I spend with loved ones. And, of course to continue throwing kindness around like confetti.

So, farewell 2015, you were good to me and have taught me a lot and I welcome 2016 with open arms and insha’Allah with the same dismay at the end of it.

Happy New Year, everyone xo

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