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Get to Know Me (Video)

I think every single person is exciting, if you find the right topic to discuss. Everyone has an interest, everyone has an opinion - it is finding that said topic that makes you build a relationship with that person.

To my husband, Ali, he will never understand why I love watching girl's sit infant of a camera talking about beauty products and I will never understand why watching ANOTHER documentary on TuPac Shakur is thrilling. But, that isn't our common topic of discussion between us - there are so many other ones, including, parenting, our faith and cultures, our love for food, our styles and our drive. These are the topics that we can discuss and debate till the early hours.

However, my love for hijab fashion, lifestyle, parenting, beauty and food is shared with so many other sisters out there in the world wide web. I am drawn to sisters with the same interests. I giggle at their vlogs and I follow them on Instagram - it's an amazing community to be involved in. And, the sisters are SO nice you want them to be your best friend! However, it is unfortunate you cannot slide a DM asking them to start a beautiful friendship because that's just creepy.

So, in light of this, I did a Get to Know Me video with Ali, which was fun to make and I really enjoy watching it - as my partner in crime does pay more attention than he lets on:

Do you have similar interests as me?

Do you share the same birthday as me? I love finding a birthday twin!

Could we be the start of a beautiful friendship? Slide me that DM (haha).

Let me know by emailing me at nillydahlia[at]

Have you subscribed to my YouTube Channel, yet? If not, please do so.

Thank you and enjoy the video!

XO Nilly

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