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Lipstick Collection (Video)

Every girl has experimented with lipstick, whether you're 2 years old and have finally been able to reach your mothers dressing table and grabbed that gorgeous red lipstick that your mother has worked so hard to keep out of reach or you're 15 years old and you're in the school toilets playing with make up in your lunch break. We have all been there. Yes, including you, tomboys - I know you have tried it on just once. And, liked what you saw.

But, when you find THAT colour that suits you like no other, brings out the sparkle in your eyes, and just makes you look like you've been to Santorini for the weekend to top up your tan - you know the lipstick has you hooked and that my friend, is when the downfall begins on your obsession for lipsticks.

My downfall began in my mid-20's when I discovered MAC Rebel and could not get over how amazing it made me feel. The colour looked amazing against my warm brown skin tone and made my teeth look that much more whiter - I was fixated on deep coloured lips! I soon started experimenting with other colours, mostly deep burgundy's (which are my ultimate favourites for lipsticks, especially in the winter).

Now, my collection of lipsticks is growing rapidly. My husband knows as soon as we pass any make up counter, I will go straight to the lipsticks. Especially, now with high street brands actually selling affordable lipsticks with great lasting finish without denting the bank account - how can you refuse?

Would you like to see what are my favourite lipsticks are? Have a look in the video below:

Do you have any of the same lipsticks?

Which one do you think didn't suit me and I should just put back and let dust settle over it? Do you have a similar skin tone and there is a lipstick you think I need in my collection?

Let me know by emailing me at nillydahlia[at] - I always reply to emails!

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and I hope you enjoy the video. I thoroughly enjoyed making this one.

XO Nilly

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