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When I became a mother to a girl, the game plan completely changed. All of a sudden, I became a stronger woman, I knew how people should treat me, I knew how I should treat others, I became the best version of myself and I knew I was going to be the most influential woman to my daughter so I needed to think twice as hard about my actions. She will be looking at me for the standard I should be treated and treat others around me. I am the one that will make or break the kind of girl my daughter will be. No pressure, eh?

The bigger picture is being a woman in today's society is very important, whether men care to agree or not, it's a fact. We keep the human race developing. We nurture our children to be better. We're also very fortunate to have a privileged lifestyle (and, when I say that, I'm talking no domestic violence, no rape, no FGM, no modern day slavery, etc) because there are so many girls, exactly the same age as A, who will grow up with exactly these standards and they will think this is the norm because they have nothing else to compare it to. But, we, this generation of mothers, are the ones who will change the game. We will empower our children. We will raise the bar on how our children will be treated and how they will treat children around them. We are raising the future. Let's make girls voices be heard. Let's make them feel powerful. Let's give our girls the freedom they deserve.♡

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