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Dear Ascia

Dear Ascia, I was supposed to write a letter to you yesterday but we took you to Peppa Pig World and you had such a blast with your brother! I've never seen you so excited (apart from the week before when we took you Peppa Pig Adventure Live) but it is safe to say, we are all Peppa'd out! But, how could we not go see her when she's your favourite and we are now going to buy you experiences and memories instead of toys. I cannot believe you are two and have such a sweet personality already. You are the most empathetic person I have ever met. You understand so much at such a small age. You will definitely be wise before your years and I wonder whose wisdom of an old age soul you have picked up. You are so kind and generous with such a big heart (I mean, I don't know many toddlers who would graciously let their older brother take their sweets without kicking up a fuss). Your smile makes me smile. Your laughter is infectious. Although, I can see a sassy side coming out now. You definitely know what you want and when you want it. You also know when someone can or cannot cuddle you because you tend to tell people to 'not touch me' often, which is hilarious atm 😂 As you know, you are the best replacement of a sister I have been praying for since I could remember. I always wanted a sister around all the time, someone to play with, share cuddles with, giggle together. read together, be mischievous together and someone to make memories with and I'm so glad Allah waited to give me you. The best thing to happen to me (besides Kamil, obviously...and, maybe occasionally your Baba - depends if he put his dirty socks into the washing basket). So, I thank Allah for picking you to heal my soul. You love reading, which is definitely from me and you love reading anything by Julia Donaldson. You know all of the words for 'The Gruffalo' and 'A Squash and A Squeeze'. I pray your enthusiasm for books remain, but I do hope my bibliophile ways do not rub off onto you and you always find the time to escape reality and live a thousand lives. Remember the most beautiful thing about you is your mind. I love you so much I could squish you. Forever your Partner in Crime, Mummy xx

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