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The Perfect Brown Nude Hijab

This post has gifted content.

Shall we take a moment to appreciate the perfect brown nude #chiffon #hijab that was sent to me from @hidden_pearls? Huge variety of #scarves, from everyday scarves to your more shimmery scarves for special occasions. I've been speaking to the owner on a personal level for a short while now and she is very dedicated to her brand. She is also extremely sweet and friendly.

I know I'm one of those women that loves opening a package as if it's a gift (even if I buy it myself 😂) and that is exactly what they do over at #hiddenpearls - they do everything with care and love. And, talking about gifts, they have gift box packages already prepared! Wonderful gifts for young neices or even revert friends who need the encouragement and support of taking the first steps on their new journey. So do head over to their website and have a browse.

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