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My Breastfeeding Journey and Tips

I have had a long, exhausting, slow, tearful journey with breastfeeding. I started breastfeeding from Nov 2014 and I stopped my journey in August 2018. When Ascia was born in August 2016, Kamil was 21m and at the time I wasn't prepared to end my journey with him (first child, breastfeeding goals of 2 years) so I tandem fed biggest regret of motherhood.

Watch my video to find out why, learn a few tips along the way and I truly hope you take something beneficial away from this video as breastfeeding is such a pure, magical and miraculous time for both mother and baby.

And, I truly believe every mother should *try" breastfeeding and if they struggle to *PLEASE* get support and assistance from breastfeeding experts before they make the informed decision to switch to formula. I know its so much easier said than done because, there is a lack of support for breastfeeding support in the UK, with the NHS cuts for this department, but there are groups and forums online where mums have all felt like you and know you are not alone - which is probably the most reassuring thing to know, to be honest. That you're not the only one going through sleepless nights, that the latch is SO sore but you don't know why, and whether or not your baby is getting enough milk.

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