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When I chatted to Nadiya Hussain

Back in August 2015, I got cosy on my sofa because I knew the Great British Bake Off had a #Bengali candidate and I had to tune in and support my sister. I fell in love. No other words could describe it. This amazing #mum of three taking a brave step into unknown territory, the chance of failing on tv and putting her nerves aside to showcase what she loved doing - #baking! Instantly, I felt protective of her. I wanted her to win. To succeed in every challenge. I adored all of her different facial expressions - you can tell she is someone that can't hide how she's feeling as her face will give it away. I could also tell she grew up being unsure of herself and her talent, which made her even more real. I could tell, she was anxious and panicked. Something a lot of #mums could relate to. By the end of the first episode, I knew she had captured not only my heart, but the nation's heart. @nadiyajhussainwent on to win the #GBBO in the sixth series and she blew everyone's mind. She was a flower patiently waiting to blossom, revealing her talent and skills and my goodness did she. Book after book, tv appearances after tv appearances and own tv series'. She was just incredible to watch grow. She is inspirational to #Muslim Bengali #women that she can put herself out there and represent us in such a positive way. I was very fortunate to #interview her for Channel Mum and I could not wait for the day to come. I couldn't sleep the night before. I was that excited. And, can I just take a moment to say, I was not disappointed. She is such a down to earth mama with positive vibes pouring out of her. She made me feel so comfortable and all my nerves went out the window. We chatted about favourites, #Bangladeshi dishes and motherhood. If you would like to watch the interview:

Please do let me know what you think and if there are any other British Muslim Mums in the public eye that you think I should be interviewing, let me know in the comments below!!

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#nadiyahussain #greatbritishbakeoff #channelmum #interview #bengali #inspirational #britishbengali

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