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Could the Google Home Hub be a saviour for parents?

This content is unpaid and the Google Home Hub was gifted to us from Google.

On Friday, we were invited to Google's Kitchen Sync to explore and try out the new recently launched Google Home Hub, which was exciting in itself as I was very fortunate to take my entire family to the session, including my husband who tends to take a backseat on my blogging journey.

The Home Hub was launched on the 9th of October 2018, but went for release earlier this week so it was all fresh and exciting to be playing around with a new product. The Home Hub was made with family in mind, but intended for adults to use to make our lives easier. Sounds perfect for a busy household like ours. The Home Hub, which has Google Assistant built-in is all voice controlled so you can add items to your shopping list, find out what your itinerary for the day is, activate songs on Spotify and get a relay of your reminders, all whilst your hands are occupied (probably trying to put your kids into their coats with one foot out the door).

With that in mind, we got stuck into making our cake pops by instructing the Home Hub to find easy recipes for us to follow. It was extremely straightforward and actually really fun to see how the Home Hub picked up our accents and if it correctly recognised our requests (fyi, it did recognise our voices perfectly).

We got into making our cake pops, asking the Home Hub to load image results of Halloween inspired designs which were all so cool and we settled for pumpkins.

What I personally loved about the Home Hub was that you could instruct it to play a video off YouTube, so we were making cake pops with a little bit of Baby Shark, all without having to wash my hands and touch the device and it would be the same principle for adding reminders, dates to calendars, etc.

Overall the day was absolutely brilliant, the staff at Google were amazing and extremely accommodating making the experience super fun for our family. So, a massive thank you to them for being so welcoming, lovely, friendly and entertaining to the kids.

This product is definitely very nifty for a family when you really don't have hands free to pick up your phone and add important details into your diary. We have decided to keep the Google Home Hub in the kitchen as that is where I spend most of my time (you know, making 12 meals a day) and would be able to mutli-task easily, listen to music and boogie in between stirring my curries without breaking the flow.

I am super impressed with this product, I think it would definitely suit a busy family (especially when ours grows to 5 inshaAllah) and I love that you can turn the mic off as well for that peace of mind (if you know, you know). The size of the hub is small, but its the perfect small if that can make any sense? It doesn't take too much counter space but the screen is a good size to follow instructions on with ease. And, the sensor at the front of the sleek device recognises the lighting of a room and adjusts accordingly, which is pretty cool. And, not going to lie, I've been meaning to buy a clock for the kitchen, but now I can see the screensaver mode on the Home Hub to have a clock face - sorted!

I have high hopes for this product, and retailing at £139, I truly think it is worth it. The entire family will be able to get use out of it and I know I will be playing Baby Shark on it frequently to keep my kids occupied as I cook with them tangled in between my legs at the cooker.

So, Hey me my I Love 90's playlist to get me dancing in the kitchen!

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